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Armoured Warfare In the Vietnam War Michael Green Link
Arsenal for Aggression - armoured vehicles of the Warsaw Pact Robert Michulec Link
Dingo Scout Car in Detail Frantisek Koran
Martin Velek
Duel in the Mist 2 Timm Haasler
Roddy MacDougall
Jagdpanther Janusz Ledwoch Link
Marder III & Grille Vladimir Franchev
Charles K. Kliment
Men & Battles 2 - Operations Totalize and Tractable - Normandy '44 Ludovic Fortin Link
Modeling the Sherman Tank - M-4 Link
Nuts & Bolts - Kanonenwagen Sd.Kfz. 251/9 "Stummel" Heiner F. Duske
Detlev Terlisten
Panther, Jagdpanther and Brummbar - Achtung Panzer No 4 - Revised edition Link
Sd.Kfz.10 in detail Frantisek Koran
Martin Velek
Sturmgeschutz III in combat Markus Zollner Link
T-54/55 Variants in detail Frantisek Koran Link
Tanks of World War Two Jean Restayn Link
The Churchill Tank: part 1: the gun tank, Mk I-VIII David Doyle Link
Wings and Wheels - M-51 IDF Sherman In Detail Link