Our members have been sending in their updates during the COVID-19 Isolation period so instead of the usual meeting galleries we have the Isolation galleries.

Catherine Lyddon

This is a Zvezda Boeing 767-300 converted, by shortening, to a Boeing 767-200F.

Poppy Simmons

I have two photos I'd like to share with you of builds Poppy has recently completed as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award skill.

One is the Airfix Mary Rose. A nice little kit that she enjoyed building. All her work except for the sails where I took the opportunity to try pre-shading.

The other is the ancient Airfix AEC Matador and 5.5 inch gun. She also enjoyed building this but struggled with the bad mouldings and flash! I helped her to scratch build new towing hooks and produced new decals for her that represent the vehicle at Duxford. I also showed her a few old school tricks whilst scratch building the base.

Mark Simmons

Yet more images from the Simmons household! This time two of my builds....

One is an Italeri Eurofighter 2000 in 1/72 that was a freebie at a club night due to missing parts. Scratchbuilt replacement wing scratchbuilt, a Pavla canopy, old decals from the spares and a little imagination resulted in this what if. Built with my youngest daughter hence the pink flying suit!

The other is a Fly Models Fiat G.50 BIS in 1/72 donated to the club by our man on the inside of a well known model aircraft magazine. Poppy picked it up and we promptly realised she'd never cope with the resin bits so I built this as a pipe-cleaner from ww1 subjects. Wouldn't have been my first choice of subject but it was a fun build. In case anyone asks, the mottle was done by hand. The rest was sprayed.

Steve Hesketh

I thought I’d take a break from the usual, so unbagged my first resin kit - a small, simple but slightly fiddly little number from Belcher Bits in Canada of a Type H bomb trolley for Grandslam bombs. It’s part of my project to build all of 617 Squadron‘s aircraft.

Took me the weekend to get this far. No major problems, just took my time as I’m unfamiliar with resin. chopping up 1mm angle and channel beams tested my patience and clumsiness!

It's still not fully finished - got some more weathering to do yet - but it's come out reasonably well.

Now, just the small matter of building the associated Lancaster B1 Special to go with it!

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