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Steve Di Nucci

Matchbox Victor K2 with home grown scribing, DB resin intakes Flightpath metal and four Matchbox Starfighter nozzles. Oh, and 30 years!"

Hasegawa F-106A Delta Dart, out of the (ancient) box but with Microscale decals, Hasegawa weapons set Falcons, a Master nose probe and Reskit wheels. If you've not tried them yet, Master probes are outstanding.

Frog Macchi MC.202 with Sky decals. A 1963 kit and I discovered serious accuracy issues. I’ve sent it to the IPMS UK editor for the Golden Oldie series, so hopefully it will eventually appear in print.

Neil Howard

1/48 P-40 Tomahawk. I diverted from the instructions a bit with the multi part nose as I could see that being a recipe for disaster with my notorious lack if skill with glue! I sued aftermarket decals for this which oddly had real issues with silvering even on a very shiny gloss coat. This Tomahawk served with 112 Sqdn Raf at Sidi Haneish in Egypt in 1941.

1/48th Trumpeter Mig 19 finished as an Iraqi example in the late 1960’s

1/48th Tamiya Dewoitine D520, finished as a Free French aircraft flown in North Africa.

Rick Hounsome

Siebel Fh104A "Hallore" in 1/72 scale by Pavla, and even with the poor focus it looks better in these photographs than it does in real life! I made Pavla's first model, the Fieseler Fi167, back in 2013 and was impressed both with its quality and my end result, so expected their twenty-first to be even better. I was wrong, finding a warped rear fuselage, only two locating holes in the whole model, mating surfaces that didn't, separate propellers and hubs, flimsy etched brass and a single vac-formed piece for the whole cabin and all its transparencies. Having battled my way through the assembly I then had to use Squadron Grey Stuff instead of my familiar Green and found that an absolute nightmare to use. No problems with the decals though, and by then I was glad to see the back of it.

Mark Simmons

Airfix Buccaneer S2c in 1/72. Lovely model but I did have one or two fit problems. I decided to bung the mud movers on the outboard hard points, rather than the rocket pods, as they were apparently rated for such items. I tried doing a panel line wash on this using oil paints but don't like the effect I got - it just darkened everything!

Airfix Spitfire mk.ia in 1/72. This was actually my birthday present a couple of months back. A nice clean build befitting of a subject that only flew a single mission before being written off in a belly landing.

Airfix Harrier GR7 / AV8B on 1/72. I've not built a harrier for a year so it was about time I did another. This fit the bill and was built with my youngest. It's actually a nice kit for its time but I had to shim the wings and nose for a better fit.

Alan Roffey

This is quite a departure for me; Motorbikes! Fancied something different, and more colourful. The red and white one is a Ducati Panigale, and the greenun’s a Kawasaki ZX RR (MotoGP). Both are 1/12 Tamiya.

Les Croker

Drilling Machine in Monzo (Virtual modelling app)

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