IPMS Avon Show 2011 - Competition

This is a pictorial record of the models that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the classes at the 2011 IPMS Avon Model Show, held in August.

Details of the subjects, scales and builders can be seen in the captions when the large images are displayed. These details can also be seen by hovering your mouse over each thumbnail.

Class 1 - Aircraft 1/72 and Smaller
1st Place - 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien by Ladislav Hancar
2nd Place - 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia by Ladislav Hancar
3rd Place - 1/72 Heinkel He177 A5 R2 by Amos
Highly Commended - 1/144 Rockwell B-1B Lancer by John Murphy
1st & 2nd Place - Ladislav Hancar
3rd Place - Amos
Class 2 - Aircraft 1/48
1st Place - Bristol F.2B by Chris Calder
2nd Place - Aero L29 Delfin by Ladislav Hancar
3rd Place - MiG-15 by Wayne Byrne
1st Place - Chris Calder
2nd Place - Ladislav Hancar
3rd Place - Wayne Byrne
Class 3 - Aircraft 1/32 and Larger
1st Place - Airco DH.2 by Robert Cookson
2nd Place - Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a by Wayne Byrne
3rd Place - Hawker Hunter T.12 by Tony Horton
Highly Commended - Messerchmitt Bf 110C-4/B by Brian Boot
1st Place - Robert Cookson
2nd Place - Wayne Byrne
3rd Place - Tony Horton
Highly Commended - Brian Boot
Class 4 - Military Vehicles 1/51 and Smaller
1st Place - Mark A Whippet by Andrew Anquetil
2nd Place - A7V Sturmpanzer by Andrew Anquetil
3rd Place - Sherman Crab by Andrew Anquetil
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place - Andrew Anquetil
Class 5 - Military Vehicles 1/50 and Larger
1st Place - May 1940 by Chris Meddings
2nd Place - "Got any unleaded?" by Ian Sheppard
3rd Place - Mercedes L4500R Maultier by Darren Thompson
Highly Commended - Company by Chris Meddings
Highly Commended - Up The Beach by Chris Meddings
1st Place - Chris Meddings
2nd Place - Ian Sheppard
3rd Place - Darren Thompson
Highly Commended - Chris Meddings
Class 6 - Ships and Waterborne Vessels
1st Place - LCAC-43 Hovercraft by Glyn Spurr
2nd Place - Leonardo Da Vinci's "Multipla" Multicanon Concept by Steve Abbey
3rd Place - Gorch Fock by Tony Horton
1st Place - Glyn Spurr
2nd Place - Steve Abbey
3rd Place - Tony Horton
Class 7 - Figures - Mounted and Foot
1st Place - Pirate by Pete Haley
2nd Place - Luftwaffe Pilot by Dan Sankey
3rd Place - British Infantryman Afghanistan by Mark Howard
1st Place - Pete Haley
2nd Place - Dan Sankey
Class 8 - Bust and Flat Figures
1st Place - Colour Sargeant Grenadier Guards by Kevin Peart
2nd Place - Celtic Cheiftain - La Tene Period by Kevin Peart
3rd Place - "What would Grandma say now eh Mr. Wolf?" by Kevin Peart
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place - Kevin Peart
Class 9 - Dioramas
1st Place - Watching The Battle Above by Dan Sankey
2nd Place - Merefa Feb. 1943 by Dave Somers
3rd Place - Clearing Caen by Glyn Spurr
1st Place and Best In Show - Dan Sankey
2nd Place - Dave Somers
3rd Place - Glyn Spurr
Class 11 - Civilian Vehicles
1st Place - Yamaha 2005 YZR by Duncan Bard-Murray
2nd Place - FIAT Mefistofele by Brian Boot
3rd Place - 53 Studebaker Starliner by Brian Arlott
1st Place - Duncan Bard-Murray
2nd Place - Brian Boot
3rd Place Bian Arlott
Highly Commended - Derek Gibbs
Class 12 - Sci Fi and Fantasy
1st Place - Orc Stompa By Andrew Anquetil
2nd Place - Gunther Schwere Kampf Laufer by Richard Bottomley
3rd Place - The Horned One by Chris Franklin
Highly Commended - Legend by Andrew Anquetil
1st Place and Highly Commended - Andrew Anquetil
2nd Place - Richard Bottomley
3rd Place - Chris Franklin
Class 13 - Miscellaneous
1st Place - Patchette Prototype by Bill Morris
2nd Place - Steb Mk.5 by Bill Morris
3rd Place - Psycho House by Andrew Anquetil
1st and 2nd Place - Bill Morris
3rd Place - Andrew Anquetil
Class 14 - Juniors
1st Place - F-4F Wildcat by James Willis
2nd Place - F-15C Eagle by Joe Brierly
3rd Place - Jagdtiger by James Willis
Highly Commended - F1 2010 by Joe Brierly
1st and 3rd Place - James Willis
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