IPMS Avon Show 2012 - Competition

This is a pictorial record of the models that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the classes at the 2012 IPMS Avon Model Show, held in August.

Details of the subjects, scales and builders can be seen in the captions when the large images are displayed. These details can also be seen by hovering your mouse over each thumbnail.

Class 1 - Aircraft 1/72 and Smaller
1st Place - Mil Mi-10K by Peter Sharpin
2nd Place - He 117 A5/R2 by Amos
3rd Place - Douglas DC-3 by Graham Davis
1st Place - Peter Sharpin
Class 2 - Aircraft 1/48
1st Place - Messerscmitt Bf 110G-4 by Dave Turner
2nd Place - Messerscmitt Bf 110E by Amos
3rd Place - Lockheed F-94C Starfire by Brian Boot
1st Place - Dave Turner
Class 3 - Aircraft 1/32 and Larger
1st Place - F.E.2b by Robert Cookson
2nd Place - Spitfire Mk.Vb by Chris Evans
3rd Place - Mosquito XVIII Tse-Tse by Steve Abbey
1st Place - Robert Cookson
Class 4 - Military Vehicles 1/51 and Smaller
1st Place - Sturmpanzer by Dan Sankey
2nd Place - Type 97 Chi-Ha by Andrew Anquetil
3rd Place - MkII Female Tank by Malcolm Lowe
Class 5 - Military Vehicles 1/50 and Larger
1st Place - 232 Puma by Amos
2nd Place - Panzer IV H by Kev Smith
3rd Place - Iraqi T69 by Richard Bottomley
1st Place - Amos
Class 6 - Ships and Waterborne Vessels
1st Place - IJN Fuso by Dave Haskell
2nd Place - USS Olympia by Dave Haskell
3rd Place - Yamato 1945 by Mark Cable
1st Place - Dave Haskell
Class 7 - Figures - Mounted and Foot
1st Place - Trench Raider 1917 by Robert Lane
2nd Place - Luftwaffe Pilot WWII by Dan Sankey
3rd Place - Captain Jack Sparrow by Dan Sankey
1st Place - Robert Lane
Class 8 - Bust and Flat Figures
1st Place - Billman-Towton by Robert Lane/Alex Varela
2nd Place - Johan by Robert Lane/Mark Taylor
1st Place - Robert Lane
Class 9 - Dioramas
1st Place - Tally-Ho at Beacon Hill by Dan Sankey
2nd Place - Gambut 250/11 by Kev Smith
3rd Place - Village Street by Richard Garice
1st Place - Dan Sankey
Class 10 - Vignettes
1st Place - Royal Butcher by Steve Evans
2nd Place - Splash One Fokker by Amos
3rd Place - First Snow by David Atkinson
1st Place - Steve Evans
Class 11 - Civilian Vehicles
1st Place - Sauber Mercedes C9 by Shane Price
2nd Place - Porsche 935 by Duncan Baird-Murray
3rd Place - Tyrell P34 Scheckter by Gary Constable
1st Place - Shane Price
Class 12 - Sci Fi and Fantasy
1st Place - Beastmaster by Andrew Anquetil
2nd Place - Dwarf Lord by Robert Lane/Steve Walker
3rd Place - Swamp Demon by Andrew Anquetil
1st Place - Andrew Anquetil
Class 13 - Miscellaneous
1st Place - B-24D Liberator by Bill Nichols
2nd Place - Creepy by Andrew Anquetil
1st Place - Bill Nichols
Class 14 - Juniors
1st Place - Iraq 2003 by James Willis
2nd Place - M42 Duster by James Willis
3rd Place - Hawk 100 by Alexander Dean
1st Place - James Willis
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