IPMS Avon Show 2013 - Competition

This is a pictorial record of the models that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the classes at the 2013 IPMS Avon Model Show, held in August.

Details of the subjects, scales and builders can be seen in the captions when the large images are displayed. These details can also be seen by hovering your mouse over each thumbnail.

Class 1 - Aircraft 1/72 and Smaller
1st Place - UH-1B Huey by Peter Hardwick
2nd Place - F-14B Tomcat by Kevin Crump
1st Place - Peter Hardwick
Class 2 - Aircraft 1/48
1st Place - Vickers FB5 Gunbus by Hugh Beyts
2nd Place - MH-60 Black Hawk by John Murphey
3rd Place - F-100F Super Sabre by Amos
1st Place - Hugh Beyts
Class 3 - Aircraft 1/32 and Larger
1st Place - Fw 190D by Brian Boot
2nd Place - Fokker DVIII by Steve Abbey
3rd Place - Lynx HMA.8 by Malcolm Linton-Auteis
1st Place - Brian Boot
Class 4 - Military Vehicles 1/51 and Smaller
1st Place - Chi-Ha (Medium Tank) by Kev Smith
2nd Place - Saracen APC by Kev Smitrh
Class 5 - Military Vehicles 1/50 and Larger
1st Place - Maultier by Kevin Smith
2nd Place - Skode R50 + 10.5cm Gun by Kevin Clingham
3rd Place M1113 by Kevin Smith
1st Place - Kevin Smith
Class 6 - Ships and Waterborne Vessels
1st Place - U-3501 by Dan Sankey
2nd Place - HMS Richmond by Tony Horton
3rd Place - RMS Titanic by Mark Cable
1st Place - Dan Sankey
Class 7 - Figures - Mounted and Foot
1st Place - Taisho by Brian Boot
2nd Place - Kil-Got by David Atkinson
3rd Place - 1944 British Paratrooper by David Atkinson
1st Place - Brian Boot
Class 8 - Bust and Flat Figures
1st Place - Boris (The Werewolf) by Andy Anquetil
2nd Place - Lycan by Andy Anquetil
3rd Place - Crimean Survivor Sgt Bruse 1856
1st Place - Andy Anquetil
Class 9 - Dioramas
1st Place - T62 (Scratchbuilt) by Ian Barraclough
2nd Place - Dragons and Midgets by Ian Barraclough
3rd Place - The Blaich Raid by Geoff Carhill
1st Place - Ian Barraclough
Class 11 - Civilian Vehicles
1st Place - Ferrari 312T by Steve Price
2nd Place - Duesemberg by Brian Boot
1st Place - Steve Price
Class 12 - Sci Fi and Fantasy
1st Place - R2D2 by Martin Abraham
2nd Place - Dominator by Andy Anquetil
3rd Place - London After Midnight by Chris Franklin
1st Place - Martin Abraham
Class 13 - Miscellaneous
1st Place - James Bond and Oddjob by Glen Eames
1st Place - Glen Eames
Class 14 - Juniors
1st Place - Saratoga by Reece Fitton
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