IPMS Avon Show 2016 - Competition

This is a pictorial record of the models that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the classes at the 2016 IPMS Avon Model Show, held in August.

Class 1 - Aircraft e.g. 1/72, 1/144
1st Place - 1/72 F-104 Starfighter by Mark Housley
2nd Place - 1/72 Su-15TM Flagon by Jeremy Coleman
3rd Place - 1/72 F-51 Mustang by Simon Fairera
Class 2 - Aircraft e.g. 1/48
1st Place - 1/48 Cutaway Hawkeye by Dick Francis
2nd Place - 1/48 Cutaway Tornado by Dick Francis
3rd Place - 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet by Phil Jones
Class 3 - Aircraft e.g. 1/32
1st Place - 1/32 Westland ynx by Malcolm Linton-Auteis
2nd Place - 1/32 Fokker DV.IIF Ernst Udet by Geof Carhill
3rd Place - 1/32 Mk.88 Lynx by Ray Hamill
Class 4 - Military Vehicles (Small Scale e.g.
1st Place - IDF M 88 ARV by Richard Hone
2nd Place - IDF M60 Magach 7A by Richard Hone
Class 5 - Military Vehicles (Large Scale e.g.
1st Place - Flak 34 by Daniel Brooke
2nd Place - T.55 by Ian Barraclough
3rd Place - BRDM NBC by Ian Barraclough
Class 6 - Ships and Waterborne Vessels
1st Place - Cutaway Wasp by Rick Francis
2nd Place - Yamato by Mark Cable
3rd Place - Type Iib U Boat by Mark Housley
Class 7 - Figures, Mounted and Foot
1st Place - Defeated by Andy Argent
2nd Place - Lieber. Johannes by Andy Argent
3rd Place - Rope & Roll & Brand by Graham Sutch
Class 8 - Busts and Flat Figures
1st Place - Home Front Heroes by Jim Evans and Kev Peart
2nd Place - Knight of Heaven by Michael Hazel
3rd Place - Capt. J. McCodden VC by Kevin Peart
Class 9 - Dioramas
1st Place - Vive La France by Dan Sankey
2nd Place - Road to Disrepair by Daniel Brooker
3rd Place - Cycle of Life by Andy Argent
Class 10 - Vignettes
1st Place - Panzer Spahwagen by Richard Jeffrey
2nd Place - Flak 40 by Dan Sankey
3rd Place - Flak 36/37 by Dan Sankey
Class 11 - Civilian Vehicles
1st Place - D.N.F. by Dick Francis
2nd Place - Ferrari 500/2 by Alex Payne
3rd Place - Ferrari 312 by Shane Price
Class 12 - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
1st Place - Funkrad by Chris Meddings
2nd Place - Terminator II by Martin Abraham
3rd Place - Skaven Doom Wheel by Steve Abbey
Class 13 - Miscellaneous
1st Place - Da Vinci Gunship by Daryl Gamble
2nd Place - Grandads Forklift by Ian Barraclough
3rd Place - Stephensons Rocket by Steve Abbey
Class 15 - War Game
1st Place - Norman Cavalry by Shaun Jewitt
2nd Place - Napoleonic Prussians by Matt Slade
3rd Place - Camel Corp by David Manley
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