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21st February 08

1/35 Bell UH-1C Huey by Steve Larkin
1/35 Challenger II, Operation Telic, by Chris Draper
1/48 Westland Whirlwind by Andy Kirby
1/48 Fw-190 A-8, Obstlt Priller, by Mike Chilestone
1/48 F-3A Havoc, "Starize" 10th PRG, by Mike Chilestone
1/48 PZL 24-G, Greek AF, by Neil Howard
1/72 F-104S Starfighter, Italian AF, by Steve di Nucci
1/72 H.P. Victor B.1 by Andy Kirby
1/72 Tiger 1 by Nathan Hacker
1/48 RF-4C Phantom, "Starize" 10th TRW, by Mike Chilestone

16th January 08

1/24 Hurricane IIc by Phil Wilkins
1/35 SdKfz 18 Tonne FAMO by Mark Cable
1/48 Henschel Hs-123, Yellow H 8-Sch.G.1, Russia 1942
1/48 Messerschmitt Me110-E, In Progress by Neil Howard
1/72 F-104C Starfighter, Col, G. Laven CO 479th TFW, by Steve di Nucci
1/72 U-82 Type VIIC U-Boat by Alan Roffey
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