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21st December 11 - Christmas Buffet and Quiz

1/72 Airfix F-86F Sabre by Phil Jones
1/72 Fiat G-91 by Pete Jeffries
1/72 Fiat G-91PAN by Pete Jeffries
Japanese Navy Submarine by Jason Denny

16th November 11 - "Telford"

Ju-52 by Jason Denny
Ju-52 by Jason Denny
Catalina by Sean Walsh
Catalina by Sean Walsh
1/72 F/A-18F Super Hornet by Phil Jones
1/72 F-14B Tomcat by Phil Jones
1/48 Spitfire Mk.I by Mike Chilestone
Brenn Gun Carrier by Graham Goodliffe
Officer, 79th Foot (Cameron Highlander), Corunna 1809 by Pete Haley

19th October 11 - "Red Theme" Rehearsals

21st September 11 - Show Debrief and Social Night

1/48 Bf 109G-10, March 1945, by Mike Chilestone
by Pete Jeffries
1/72 Blohm & Voss BV 141 V10 by Rick Hounsome
1/72 Spitfire by Andy Hills
1/32 LVG C.VI by Alan Roffey
1/32 Piper Super Cub by Neil Howard
1/8 Vespa Scooter by Neil Howard
Huey B & C by Mike Bradley
1/72 F-105 Thunderchief by Jason Denny

17th August 11 - Show Preparations

1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 by Neil Howard
1/72 F-51D Mustang by Mike Lumb
1/48 F6F3 Hellcat Drone by Neil Howard
Siemens Shuckert SSW D.III by Nick Hamer
1/72 Hawker Hunter Prototype by Ian Short
WWII Diorama by Felix
Tamiya British 6 Pounder by Mark Tutt
1/350 HMS Hood 1941 by Mark Cable
1/48 F-8E Crusader by Mike Chilestone
S80 LSQ by Peter Downing
1/48 Hawker Seahawk by Neil Howard

15th June 11 - Decide 2012 Theme and Social Night

1/48 P-38J Droopsnoot by Mike Chilestone
In For Repair by Steve Booth
1/48 Mirage 2000B by Phil Jones
Glider by Steve Booth
Frozen Orders by Steve Booth
Fokker DVII by Stephen Lucas
Vought Kingfisher by Steve Larkin
Me262 by Peter Vill
German 20mm Flakvierling by Mike Watkins
Staghound PZ38t by Tim Trolley

20th April 11 - Scottish Nationals Preview

Albatross D.III and Neiuport Ni-17 by James Willis
AFV Club Churchill by Alan Roffey
1/48 F-8E Crusader, work in progress by Mike Chilestone
1/48 Su-25 Frogfoot, work in progress by Sean Walsh
1/48 Mirage 2000B, work in progress by Phil Jones
Works in progress by Neil Howard
Boeing 737, work in progess by Andy White
Works in progress by Neil Howard

16th February 11 - "Red" - Launch of a Theme & A Tour of Normandy by Mark Tutt

1/32 Halfix by Phil Wilkins
Challenger by Tony Hicks
1/48 P-51 Mustang, work in progress, by Sean Walsh
1/48 P-51 Mustangs (work in progress) by Sean Walsh
Stug IV, work in progress, by Andy Kirby
Lightning F.1, work in progress, by J. Court
Various "Red" models by Pete Jeffries
From "Porco Rosso" cartoon by Neil Howard
1/144 MD-80 by Andy White
Arado Ar 76 A-1 by Rick Hounsome
Sherman, work in progress, by Andy Hills
Cromwell, work in progress, by Andy Hills

19th January 11 - AGM and Election of Committee Posts

1/32 Albatros DVa by Alan Roffey
HP115 by Pete Jeffries
1/72 Hurricane Prototype by Pete Jeffries
1/35 Jeep by Mark Cable
1/72 Tanks, guns and half-tracks by Tim Trolley
1/72 WWII Command Post by Mark Bradley
1/35 SAS Land Rovers by Mark Tutt
Airfields Menace - The Western Desert 1972 by Mark Tutt
1/72 Schnellboot by Les Crocker
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