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19th December 12 - Christmas Quiz and Buffet

Happy Birthday IPMS Avon!
Dornier Do X by Jason Denny
1/24 Sea Harrier FRS.1 by Phil Wilkins
1/48 Seafire 17 by Phil Jones
1/72 Kfirs by Ian Short
1/72 Kfir by Ian Short

21st November 12 - SMW Photo Presentation

1/35 Greyhound by Richard Monks
1/35 Comet by Richard Monks
1/32 RE-8 by Alan Roffey
1/32 RE-8 by Alan Roffey
1/48 Lynx by Phil Jones
1/48 F-14A Tomcat by Phil Jones
1/35 SdKfz 7-1 Early by Kevin Smith
by Glen Eames
by Mark Tutt
1/48 Sopwith Salamander by Nick Hamer

17th October 12 - SMW Display Review

1/48 F4U Corsair by Neil Howard
1/48 Buccaneer by Rick Hounsome
Honda 750F by Steve Larkin
Mk. 1 Staghound by Richard Monks
1/35 M-24 "Chaffee" Tank by Robert Bertram
Humvee by James Willis
Triceratops by Jason Denny
1/72 WWI Tank Mk. 1 by Robert Bertram
Heinkel He-111 by Stuart Wren

19th September 12 - Photo Presentation by Robbie Gibson

1/35 Panther A by Alan Roffey
1/35 Sherman M4A3-76 by Richard Monks
X-Wing by Nick Hamer
1/48 JS-2 by Andy Hills
1/48 Matilda by Andy Hills
1/32 Pfalz DIII by Pete Vill
1/32 Dauntless by Jason Denny
1/72 F-106 by Ian Short
1/72 Sea Fury by Ian Short

15th August 12 - IPMS Avon Show Reflections

1/48 Sea Hurricane by Andy Kirby
1/72 Fw-190 by Nigel Heath
McLaren F1 car by Neil Howard
1/35 SdKfz 234 Pahwagen by Richard Monks
1/48 Helldiver by Jason Denny
What-if X-Wing by Mike Bradley
Churchill Tank Diorama by Glen Eames
1/48 Tamiya Wildcat, Work in progress by Andy Kirby
1/72 Airfix Mustang, Work in progress by Andy Kirby
1/48 Tamiya Corsair, Work in progress by Neil Howard

18th July 12 - Theme Ideas for 2013

1/24 Kittyhawk III by Phil Wilkins
1/24 P-40C by Phil Wilkins
1/32 MiG-15 by Andy Kirby
1/72 Swordfish by Andy Kirby
Pfalz DXII by Alan Roffey
1/72 F/A-18 Hornet by Rick Hounsome
1/72 Bucker Bestmann
by Jason Denny
1/72 Mil Mi-24 Hind by Nigel Heath
Matador and 88mm Gun by Mike Lumb
PZ III by Tim Trolley
Games Workshop Dreadnought by Reuben Hamer
1/144 737, Work in progress by Ian Short

16th May 12 - Scottish Nationals Report

1/48 HS126 by Neil Howard
1/48 Oscar by Neil Howard
1/72 A-4E Skyhawk by Steve Di Nucci
1/48 Macci C.200 by Steve Di Nucci
by Mark Cable
1/72 Spitfire Mk.I, 19 Sqn RAF, by Ian Short
1/72 Hurricane Mk.I, 303 (Polish) Sqn, by Glen Eames
by James Willis
1/72 F-106, Work in progress by Ian Short

18th April 12 - Armour Weathering

Armour weathering demonstrations
1/32 Roland DVIa by Alan Roffey
1/72 F9F-2 Panther by John Court
1/72 Sea Harrier FA.2 by Phil Jones
Opel Blitz by Richard Monks
1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth at Scarpa Flow, 1918 by Jason Denny
M3 Stuart by Richard Monks
"Foggy's" winning Ducati by Les Croker
1/72 Panther Tank by Glen Eames
1/72 Staghound by Tim Trolley
M551 Sheridan by Kevin Wells
HS126, Work in progress by Neil Howard

15th February 12 - Auction Night

1/48 Me-262 by Andy Hills
1/72 LVG CVI by Nick Hamer
1/72 Wickers Wellington by Alan Roffey
1/72 Wickers Wellington by Alan Roffey
1/32 Boomerang by Steve Larkin
1/32 Boomerang by Steve Larkin
1/350 Yamato by Mark Cable
1/350 Yamato by Mark Cable

18th January 12 - AGM

1/48 Taylorcraft Auster by Neil Howard
1/72 Westland Whirlwind by Alan Denny
1/72 JS2 by Tim Trolley
1/72 HMS Bounty by Jason Denny
1/72 LVG CVI, work in progress, by Nick Hamer
1/48 AV-8B Harrier, work in progress, by Phil Jones
1/48 F-86 Sabres, work in progress, by Mike Chilestone
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