IPMS Avon Branch Competition 2011

This is a pictorial record of the models that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the classes at the 2011 IPMS Avon Branch Competition, held in March.

Details of the subjects, scales and builders can be seen in the captions when the large images are displayed. These details can also be seen by hovering your mouse over each thumbnail.

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Best In Show

Class 1 - Aircraft 1/72 and Smaller

Class 2 - Aircraft 1/48

Class 3 - Aircraft 1/32 and Larger

Class 4 - Military Vehicles 1/51 and Smaller

Class 5 - Military Vehicles 1/50 and Larger

Class 7 - Figures, Mounted/Foot and Busts

Class 8 - Dioramas and Vignettes

Class 9 - Civilian Vehicles

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