Hi Everyone,

I suspect you will have expected this by now, but we have decided that running the show this year is just not a viable proposition. Here is a communique from our chairperson Andy White explaining the decision which I hope you all support.

The committee of IPMS Avon has made the decision that the show scheduled for Sunday August 2nd will not take place.

As the date of the show draws nearer, it has not been possible to predict with any certainty that we would be able to run the show as per previous years.

We don’t want to run a show which would involve, as part of the planning, setting up halls which would meet any social distancing requirements which might be in place by then.

It is our belief that our show, combining wargaming & modelling displays, does not work if there are any restrictions on social distancing, which although can’t be entirely predicted, are in our opinion likely to still be in force in some shape or form come August.

Added to this, there is a sizeable number of club members who don’t want to put themselves in an environment where the risk of becoming infected is potentially significantly greater. The show relies massively on club members volunteering to help out and some tasks just cannot be safely completed following current social distancing guidance. If the volunteering numbers are depleted, that creates a big logistical problem which we can’t manage.

We want to run a show where all our club members and all visitors, traders, modellers & gamers can relax and feel safe. Sadly, we don’t think we will be able to achieve that in August.

We have booked next year’s show for Sunday 8th August 2021.

There is an outside possibility that if things return to ‘normal’ later in the year that we might consider running our show then.

Best wishes to all modellers, gamers and supporters of our show.

Far too early to tell yet, but if there is no “ second spike” but Telford is cancelled because of restrictions and the sheer size of the event, we will consider if it’s viable to host a show, even if a little smaller , around that time of the year.

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